CHP Crossword

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  • 1. Central component of handgun
  • 2. ALWAYS keep gun _____ until ready to use.
  • 3. a common shooting stance
  • 4. A CHP permit is good for ___ years
  • 5. allows CHP holders to carry in other states
  • 6. A permit holder should seek competent _____ advice to fully understand the laws.
  • 7. ALWAYS keep your finger off the _____ untill ready to shoot
  • 8. Deadly force can be used to protect from death, serious bodily injury, ____, and rape.
  • 9. A _____ is a mechanical device and can fail.
  • 10. bore diameter
  • 11. The safest way to carry a concealed firearm is in a _____ that covers the trigger.
  • 12. ALWAYS keep your _____ pointed in a safe direction.
  • 13. A person may use deadly force to protect a _____.(two words)


  • 14. You cannot carry a concealed firearm in a _____place.
  • 15. you may not carry a firearm on a _____.
  • 16. You should always shoot with your _____ eye.
  • 17. You have a duty to ______ unless in your dwelling or place of work.....
  • 18. _______ offers an Open Carry Permit.
  • 19. A ____ avoided is a ____ won.
  • 20. Most important fundamental
  • 21. CHP holder must inform an officer they are carrying ______.
  • 22. A _____-Action must be cocked before pressing the trigger.
  • 23. A permit holder may not carry concealed while consuming _____.
  • 24. CHP holder must display permit to officer upon ____.
  • 25. Pointing your gun at another person may be considered ______.
  • 26. A common shooting stance

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