Classes currently consist of:

The Nebraska Conceal Handgun Training will meet requirements to get your Nebraska permit. Nebraska's Concealed Handgun Permit will enable legal concealed carry in 34 states. The list of states is slightly different for each permit so check out the reciprocity page for more details. This class will also meet the requirements for Kansas, Iowa or Colorado residents to get their concealed carry permit. This is a non-NRA approved course taught by an NRA Certified Instructor in strict accordance with a state-approved lesson plan.

The Hunter Safety Education is the internationally recognized program endorsed by the International Huntersafety Education Association and should have reciprocity worldwide.

The Bowhunter Safety Education course is required to from ages 12-29 to hunt with a bow in the state of Nebraska.


Refuse to be a Victim -This 4 hour seminar teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes to avoid and prevent criminal attacks. It provides classroom instruction on a variety of crime prevention strategies including home, travel, vehicle, workplace, and cyber crimes. You will develop your own personal safety plan that is practical, affordable, and easy to follow. Attendees will receive the RTBAV Student Handbook and see demonstrated a number of safety related items.

NRA Range Safety Officer: This course is nine hours long and is conducted in a classroom and at a shooting facility. Range Safety Officer candidates will learn roles and responsibilities of an RSO; Range Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); range inspection; range rules; range briefings; emergency procedures; and firearm stoppages and malfunctions.

NRA Blended Basic Pistol: Teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely.
This course has been updated and now LEVEL I is offered online through the NRA and LEVEL II is the practical application of what you learned online.  Level II is approximately 5 hours long. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position, and two handed standing positions; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development. Students can contact one of our instructors to get a code to complete Level I online.  The price include the level I code and the Level II practical portion.

Basics of Personal Protection In the Home Course: Level one is a 8 hour course and covers basic and defensive shooting safety, mental preparation, developing shooting skills, strategies for home and personal safety, firearm/self-defense laws, and selection of firearm and ammunition for personal protection.  You will be expected to bring a centerfire handgun (.38 or larger), 3 magazines, 2 magazine holders, a sturdy belt, hearing and eye protection. You will need to bring 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun.To be elgible you must have one of the following: NRA Basic Pistol Certificate, NRA First Steps Course Certificate, Competitive Shooting Qualification Card, Military DD 214 with Pistol Qualification, or passing the pre-course shooting skills assessment. 

Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home Course: Level one is a 9 hour course which teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontation and for the safe, effective, and responsible use of a concealed pistol for self defense outside the home.  Students will use a strong-side hip holster that covers the trigger or a holster purse.  We will cover how to present from concealment and multiple shooting positions as well as skills and techniques needed to survive in a life threatening situation. This portion of the course will require approximately 100 rounds of ammunition.  Level two involves five additional hours of range training and covers advanced shooting skills followed by another 5 hours on the range and approximately 115 rounds of ammunition. Level three of the course covers firearms and the law and legal aspects of self-defense.
To be eligible for this course you must produce the NRA Basic Personal Protection In the Home Course Certificate.