CCW Workshop

If you have a concealed carry permit but haven't trained since you received your certification this class is for you.  The CCW workshop is the next level in CCW training and will make you a better, smarter, faster and more accurate shooter.  You will shoot several repetitive drills that focus on building the muscle memory necessary for accurate shooting while incrementally increasing speed.  All live fire drills are performed from a holstered concealed position and by the end of class many students will be able to draw and fire 2 rounds into center mass from 5 yards in under 3 seconds. 

Additional topics covered include:
    Live fire Tueller drill using moving 3D targets
    Anatomical stopping power
    Live fire handgun retention drills
    Live fire demonstration featuring "Handgun rounds vs. multiple sheetrock walls"
    Firing "Squib" loads. If you don't know what it feels and sounds like how will you recognize them?
    and as always,  we'll probably blow something up at the end of class just because it's fun to do :) 
What to bring:
    Quality serviceable handgun
    Concealed carry holster.  Holster must mount securely to belt and have a rigid non-collapsible mouth.  Strong 
    side hip holsters only.  Cross-draw, shoulder, ankle, or Blackhawk Serpa holsters will not be permitted.
    3 magazines
    magazine carrier for spare magazines
    300-400 rounds of ammunition
    ball cap
    weather appropriate clothing
    Eye and ear protection (Electronic hearing protection HIGHLY recommended)
All firearms and holsters will be inspected at the beginning of class.  If you have a question as to whether your equipment is suitable please contact us ahead of time. 
For a list of our currently scheduled CCW workshop clases please go HERE.  If you don't see anything the fits your schedule, youc an contact us and we will work with your schedule to get something set up.