Nebraska Concealed Handgun Training

Nebraska Concealed Handgun Training

We give you the Nebraska Shooters concealed handgun training lesson planClass Length: 8 hours (one day)
Class Description
Class Schedule


Nebraska Concealed Handgun Training is the course required by the State of Nebraska to satisfy the training requirements to get your Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP). After years of refinement our instructors have developed a course that is easy for the new shooter to understand while still offering excellent information to the experienced shooters. The Nebraska Conceal Handgun Training will meet requirements to get your Nebraska permit as well as your Florida or Arizona non-resident permit. Nebraska’s permit will enable legal concealed carry in 32 states. The Arizona and Florida non-resident permits add a few more. The list of states is slightly different for each permit so check out the reciprocity page for more details. This class will also meet the requirements for Iowa or Colorado residents to get their concealed carry permit. This is a non-NRA approved course taught by an NRA Certified Instructor in strict accordance with a state-approved lesson plan.

The purpose of Concealed Handgun Training course is to provide training and education for people intending to use a handgun for self defense.  It also fulfills the legal and practical requirements required by the state of Nebraska (and many other states).  We will also offer information critical in making good decisions while carrying a concealed handgun.


The elements of self defense in Nebraska and other states.

Nebraska is among those states with different laws affecting personal protection inside the home and outside it.  It’s therefore important for you to know and understand that you have different legal rights and responsibilities depending on where you are at the time of an attack.  We explain the concept of the Castle Doctrine and the statutory laws specific to Nebraska.

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Class Description

Concealed Handgun Training requires students to shoot at Q-Targets from various distances

Our Concealed Carry Training is deeply rooted in the NRA Basic Pistol Training as well as some of the principals taught in the Personal Protection in the Home and the Personal Protection outside the Home courses. We also draw from our personal knowledge and include conflict resolution and a legal section to the course.

Our Nebraska Concealed Handgun course is taught in eight major parts. The core course covers many critical elements in carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense and our knowledgable instructors will gladly answer all of your questions during class. Here’s the course overview:

1. Knowledge and Safe Handling of Handguns
2. Knowledge and Safe Handling of Ammunition
3. Safe Handgun Shooting Fundamentals
4. Storage Practices for Handgun and Ammunition
5. Avoiding Criminal Attacks and Defusing or Controlling Violent Confrontation
6. Laws pertaining to Purchase, Ownership, Transportation, and Possession of a Handgun.
7. Laws Pertaining to the Use of a Handgun
8. Practical and Written Assessment 

The practical assessment includes approximately 50 rounds of drills which involve some precision exercises as well as some shoot/don’t shoot drills.  Then we move on to the 30 rounds for qualification.  This assessment is done with six shots at 3′ and twelve shots at 9′, six shots at 15′ and six shots at 21′.  You will be required to get at least 70% of these shots on a standard FBI Q Target.

It is recommended that you bring 100 rounds of ammo and your favorite handgun with a dominant-side holster.  Lunch is typically provided, but you are always welcome to bring your own if you have dietary restrictions. (please verify whether lunch is being provided for your particular class)

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Class Schedule

Here are the currently scheduled Nebraska Concealed Handgun Training Courses

E-mail us if you want to take a Concealed Carry even if you prefer a class not yet on our schedule. We add classes from time to time as circumstances permit. 

How to Apply

The NRA requires that you take the NRA Basic Pistol class before you take Personal Protection In The Home. We include the NRA Basic Pistol course as part of our Concealed Handgun Permit training, so if you’ve taken our CHP/Basic Pistol class you already meet that NRA requirement.

If  you’ve taken a CHP Pistol class from another instructor you can satisfy the NRA requirement in one of two ways. You either can take just the NRA Basic Pistol portion of our CHP/Basic Pistol class or you can take a special Personal Protection In The Home qualification with us by special arrangement before the class. Either way we’ll be happy to work with you so you can take this vitally important class.

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