Minnesota Permit to Carry

WMinnesota BCAe are proud to announce that we are currently the only agency in Nebraska certified to offer the approved concealed carry training for Minnesota.  This course includes much of the same material you will already obtain from your Nebraska Concealed Handgun Training Course, so it only requires some additional time to cover the Minnesota laws pertaining to firearms and concealed carry.

Many people obtained the Utah Non-Resident Concealed Firearm Permit in order to gain reciprocity in Minnesota, but the Utah permit is no longer recognized in Minnesota.  This certificate of training will be accepted and must be presented in person at a county sheriff's office in Minnesota.  The fee is not consistent throughout the state, but many are $50.  This permit will not add any reciprocity to your Nebraska states, but it is about the only way for a Nebraskan to legally carry concealed in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Permit to Carry application form is available here if you'd like to download it.

We will be certifying the Nebraska Shooters instructors to teach this throughout the year so if this option is not available when signing up for class please contact us and we will make arrangements to give you the opportunity to get your Minnesota training certificate.

For more information about the Minnesota Concealed Carry program please visit their website or contact us.