NRA Personnel Protection inside The Home

NRA Personal Protection In The Home

We give you the NRA Guide to Personal Protection In The Home.Class Length: 8 hours (one day)
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Personal Protection In The Home (PPIH) takes you beyond the CHP and handgun basics to how you can protect yourself and your family in the real world from home invasions and life-threatening intrusions. It’s the second class in the NRA’s Personal Protection sequence for civilians.

When you complete our Personal Protection In The Home class you’ll be well prepared to take the third step in the NRA’s Personal Protection sequence: Personal Protection Outside The Home (Basic).

The goal of Personal Protection In The Home is to develop your basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a firearm for protection of yourself and your family in your home—and to provide you with knowledge of your rights and responsibilities for self-defense as a law-abiding citizen at home.

The elements of self defense in Nebraska and other states.Nebraska is among those states with different laws affecting personal protection inside the home and outside it.

It’s therefore important for you to know and understand that you have different legal rights and responsibilities depending on where you are at the time of an attack. This class focuses on personal protection inside your home. We explain the common law concept of the Castle Doctrine and the statutory laws specific to Nebraska.

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Class Description

We engage you in the Tueller Drill so you get a feeling for how close is too close.

Among the advanced techniques you’ll learn are the Tueller Drill and “How close is too close?” We teach you to use a flash sight picture, one- and two-handed shooting, dominant- and support-handed shooting, malfunction drills.

 You’ll shoot from behind cover and concealment, and you’ll learn what a bad guy can see of you when you think you’re shooting while hidden. But we never push you to do what you can’t do or don’t want to do.  

NRA’s core Personal Protection In The Home course has six major parts. We enhance that core class for civilians who want to live responsibly while protecting themselves and their family inside their home. And we adjust according to the circumstances and enrollment in each class. Here’s the core:

1. Defensive Shooting
2. Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
3. Firearms and the Law: Possession, Ownership, and the Use of Deadly Force
4. Strategies for Home Safety and Responding to a Violent Confrontation
5. The Home Defense Handgun
6. Shooting Activities

We enhance that core.

We take you as you are and teach you to win. Our Personal Protection In The Home classes are relatively small. We provide individual instruction and give individual attention within the context of that small class. But it’s not just a handgun manipulation class. You don’t need to be an athlete or an expert shooter or a marksman to take this class. We work with real people in real situations and avoid fantasies. You can take this class more than once if you want.

This Personal Protection In The Home class is required for you to take the next course in the NRA Personal Protection sequence: Personal Protection Outside The Home.

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Class Schedule

Here are the currently scheduled Personal Protection In The Home classes. 

E-mail us if you want to take a Personal Protection In The Home class even if you prefer a class not yet on our schedule. We add classes from time to time as circumstances permit. 

How to Apply

The NRA requires that you take the NRA Basic Pistol class before you take Personal Protection In The Home. We include the NRA Basic Pistol course as part of our Concealed Handgun Permit training, so if you’ve taken our CHP/Basic Pistol class you already meet that NRA requirement.

If you’ve taken a CHP Pistol class from another instructor you can satisfy the NRA requirement in one of two ways. You either can take just the NRA Basic Pistol portion of our CHP/Basic Pistol class or you can take a special Personal Protection In The Home qualification with us by special arrangement before the class. Either way we’ll be happy to work with you so you can take this vitally important class.  To sign up, go to and “Find a course” for Personal Protection Inside the Home course near the city zip code where it is being offered.

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