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NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO) Training Classes


Class Length: 16 hours (one day)
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The Range Safety Officer (RSO) patch.After you complete our NRA-certified Range Safety Officer training class you'll wear the RSO emblem proudly in all its many forms: the patch, the lapel pin, the cap, and the other insignia of your solid training and readiness to serve others.

You get respect. NRA Range Safety Officers are highly trained people who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to organizing, conducting, and supervising safe shooting activities and range operations indoors and outdoors.

The NRA developed its program in response to the demand for a nationally-recognized Range Safety Officer ("RSO") certification. Our class and the certification should be especially valuable to firearms instructors including CWP instructors.


We have the resources to provide hands on experience with many firearms an RSO might encounterWe hold NRA Range Safety Officer training classes at our facility south of Lincoln, NE near Cortland, NE, area but you do not need to be a Nebraska resident or even a firearms instructor to take our RSO class. We welcome responsible gun owners and residents of every state. Range Safety Officer class schedule.

Our Range Safety Officer class is complete in one day on our private training facility.

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Class Description

This Range Safety Officer training class meets all NRA certification requirements and includes the following lessons:

  1. Introductions;
  2. The role of the Range Safety Officer and Range Standard Operating Procedures;
  3. Range Inspection and Range Rules;
  4. Range Safety Briefing;
  5. Emergency Procedures;
  6. Gun Stoppages and Malfunctions.

Your student packet includes the Range Safety Officer Study Guide.We provide every Range Safety Officer candidate with a student packet containing useful materials such as a Student Study Guide for the Range Safety Officer course. That student packet includes a substantial example of Standard Operating Procedures you can use for your own range. We provide checklists for Range Safety Officers to follow when doing routine inspections of indoor, outdoor, and shotgun ranges at the start of their shifts. There's also a Range Safety Briefing form for RSO use and sample forms an RSO might use to report injuries and emergencies. We also include an example "Release, Waiver Indemnification, Hold Harmless and Assumption of Risk Agreement."

We help you learn what every Range Safety Officer must know.The Range Safety Officer test is an open book examination based on the Student Study Guide. Candidates must receive a grade of 90 percent or better—with that Guide handy during the test. Our primary goal and the goal of this class is to help every RSO candidate succeed.

Our Range Safety Officer training class is taught by Chief Range Safety Officers who are NRA-appointed Training Counselors with years of experience in organizing, conducting, supervising, and teaching safe shooting activities.

Our class demonstrates important kinds of rifles and shotguns you may encounter.This Range Safety Officer class goes far beyond the obvious limitations of home study and self-validation. Our class provides live instruction, interaction, hands-on demonstrations, and practical exercises on a shooting range in accordance with NRA standards and procedures. We provide a certificate of completion and promptly certify the application of every successful Range Safety Officer candidate to the NRA.

Note that the NRA's Range Safety Officer course does not encompass the functions and responsibilities of a Range Officer who conducts NRA competitive shooting events as defined by Rule 11.5 of the NRA Rule Books. This NRA course is designed for persons who may be assigned by a range owner, operator, or manager to oversee range safety. This course therefore is useful to all responsible adults who want to encourage safe shooting.

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Range Safety Officer Certification Requirements

The requirements are clear and simple. Remember that safety is our foremost concern. Students must:

  • Be 21 years old or older to apply for certification;
  • Attend the entire class;
  • Participate in discussions and practical exercises;
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to organize, conduct, and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations;
  • Achieve an examination score of 90% or higher on the open book exam;
  • Submit an application and fee to the NRA through Nebraska Shooters, LLC.

We help you complete that NRA application and we lead you through the entire process. We'll submit your application to the NRA for you.

When the NRA issues your Range Safety Officer credentials you may proudly wear the RSO emblem. 

Our NRA Range Safety Officer training class is open to both women and men, 21 years old or older. We expect potential students to have a reasonable degree of experience with firearms but a concealed weapons permit is not necessary.

How to Apply

E-mail us to attend a Range Safety Officer Training class. Please be sure to include your telephone number(s) so we can call to prequalify you for the class, determine your needs, assist you, and answer your questions. We want your success.

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