Practical Pistol Series

Nebraska Shooters has been working on a curriculum that will allow ordinary people to sharpen their skills without taking too much time out of their busy schedule or money our of their wallet.  Each class is designed to be taught in a 4-6 hour period with a heavy concentration on range time.

Practical Pistol I is a great orientation class for those who may be new to firearms or would just like a nice primer before taking their Concealed Carry class. $80

Practical Pistol II is a the natural next step for those who have their CCW and need to work on a few skills to feel like they could use their firearm if they needed to. $80

Practical Pistol III takes it to the next level with some moving and shooting, engaging multiple targets, shooting from various positions and utilizing cover. $100

Practical Pistol IV covers some specialty topics like one-handed shooting, long range shooting, close quarters battles,  and shooting from and around a vehicle. $100

If you aren’t sure which one to start with, feel free to contact us to see what level suits as a good starting point.