Practical Pistol I

Practical Pistol I is the first level in our series of courses designed to build good shooters from the ground up.  This course is going to assume nothing about your prior experience with a firearm and you will be taught the basics so that you will feel more comfortable when you go practice on your own.  If you aren’t sure you are ready for the Concealed Carry class yet, this would be a great way to get up to speed and familiar with your firearm.  This class is based on the NRA Basic Pistol, but it is slanted toward getting the student prepared for carrying a gun for self defense.


Scope: Confirm students ability to safely use all functions efficiently of their particular handgun.  Instill effective knowledge of primary firearm safety rules.  Introduce students to proper grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger press.  Introduce students to proper use of kydex and IWB holsters for defensive/concealed carry use.



*fully functional handgun of choice

*kydex belt holster or functional in the waistband holster

*100 rounds of ammunition for handgun

*approximately 3 hours with 5 students

*food and drink at students discretion

*appropriate clothing for weather conditions

Upon completion of course student should have a basic capability to fully operate, draw from holster, and reholster their firearm safely.