Practical Pistol II

This is a great course for those who have just completed their concealed carry training and wonder what they should do next.  This class is designed to get you off of the X and start working on the practical skills required to use a handgun for self defense besides simply hitting the bullseye.

Scope: Introduce students to the following

  1. Handgun accuracy for defensive use at distance
  2. Handgun manipulations, stress efficiency of movement
  3. Magazine changes, speedloader reloads
  4. Single magazine assessment and reload



*functional handgun of choice

* kydex holster, 2 functional magazines with appropriate pouches

*100 rounds of ammunition

* food and drink at students discretion

* 4 hours with 5 students

* clothing suitable for weather conditions


Class time outline

  1. Review safety rules
  2. Introduce students to hyper accuracy for defensive use at distance. Demonstrate accuracy at different distances.  Practice at 3, 10, 15, and 25 yards
  3. Introduce students to clearing handgun malfunctions
    1. tap, rack, access
    2. chamber failed to fully close
    3. double feed
    4. stove pipe
  4. Speed reload and tactical reload, all drills timed for stress introduction
    1. two shots on target out of holster
    2. two shots out of holster, speed reload, two shots
    3. slide lock fail, dummy round out of holster, drop firing pin, tra, speed reload, two shots
    4. call tac reload during above drills at least once
  5. Single magazine retention on failure to fire, instructor discretion on number of shots

COST: $80