Practical Pistol III

Scope: Introduce students will be introduced to the following

  1. moving and shooting
  2. “SUL” position
  3. multiple target transitions
  4. cover/concealment, explain differences
  5. prone, fetal prone



*Functional handgun of choice

*kydex holster, 2 extra magazines and appropriate pouches

*300 rounds ammo

*6 hours with 5 students

*food and drink at students discretion

*clothing appropriate for weather condition, class will take place in all weather conditions


Class time outline

  1. Moving while in target acquisition
    1. Lateral Movement
    2. Forward and Backward Movement
  2. “SUL” position and uses, stress not flagging students own body
    1. Lateral Movement
    2. Forward and Backward Movement
  3. Transitions between multiple targets, tank turret style
    1. Standing
    2. Kneeling 2 Knees
    3. Prone
    4. fetal prone, used to “get small” such as behind car wheels, or in the open at distance
    5. Use of barricades to simulate shooting from concealment, stress peeking ready to shoot


  4. Drills combining knowledge and skills learned in PP1-PP3
    1. use cones to set up a triangle for a contained movement area
    2. setup multiple cardboard targets, multiple distances, numbered
    3. students move around triangle engaging specified target/s
    4. add simulated barricades to force students movement while shooting
    5. add no shoots to force use of sul position while shooting
    6. add no shoots as hostages to force move/think before taking shot
    7. add target/barricade to force use of prone

COST: $100.00