Practical Pistol IV

Scope: Student will be introduced to

  1. One hand rifle method
  2. CQB engagement
  3. Considerations shooting from/around vehicle
  4. Considerations for low light shooting



*Functional handgun of choice

*kydex holster, 2 extra magazines with appropriate pouches

*300 rounds ammo

* 5 hours

*food and drink at student discretion

*weather appropriate clothing, class will take place in all weather conditions

Class time outline

  1. One hand rifle method, use strong and weak side
    1. Method for stable long range handgun shooting
    2. Learn practical limitations of your skills
  2. Close Quarter Battle (CQB) engagement
    1. hand closing slide
    2. body behind slide
  3. Vehicle Considerations
    1. will car door stop a bullet?
    2. drawing from holster while belted in
    3. situational awareness with vehicles
  4. Low Light Conditions

Cost: $100

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