Defensive Rifle 1

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Date(s) - 12/09/2017 - 12/10/2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Nebraska Shooters



Instructed by Fredric Voelker

Defensive Rifle 1 is a low level, but advanced class that teaches students the building blocks to use an AR-15 style platform to develop needed skills to protect you or your love one.  Defensive Rifle 1 is  not a beginner’s course.  All attendees should have a proficient understanding of firearms marksmanship basics/skills and/or completed a concealed carry class.   All participants should have a basic understanding of their defensive rifle system.  The rifle should be “zeroed”  prior to attending class. All participants will be required to provide photo ID prior to starting the class.  All participants will be required to pass an immediate action skills assessment and a pistol qualification course to pass the class.   

Course Description: this course builds on the thought process of:  “The purpose of my pistol is to give me a chance to get to my rifle.”  Everyday, responsible gun owners purchase AR style platforms with the intention of having a tool to protect themselves and their belongings.  After purchasing the AR, the new owner zeros the sights, and then plans to learn everything they can about the proper use and techniques of using an AR platform only to be greatly disappointed when they discover this type of training is just not available.  This is no longer the case.  Our 2-Day Defensive Rifle Course gives you additional shooting techniques as well as building the skills for later development of skills.


 Defensive Rifle is an intense 2-day firearms training course that focuses on tactical movement, rapid target acquisition, and develops the student’s skills in immediate action drills, rapid reloading, tactical reloading, and the building blocks for advanced shooting skills.  Skills will be developed in both a classroom setting and while on the range using dynamic actions with an AR style platform.


Students will be instructed in situational awareness drills as well as tactical skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage targets, clear malfunctions, move effectively while performing multiple complex tasks.


Because of the level of skill that is needed to develop and learn these skills, students should realize that this is a fast paced and physically demanding firearms training course! Students will be required to move, turn, pivot, kneel, and move from both a prone and supine position.  Students should arrive for class in good physical condition, have reliable equipment that they are familiar with and have solid marksmanship/pistol handling skills established prior to attending this firearms training course.


The following firearms training topics will be covered:

Overall Skill Assessment

Tactical stance and the fundamentals of tactical movement

Rapid Sight/target acquisition while on the move

Close Quarter High Speed Target Engagement Exercises

Speed reloading and tactical reloads

Multiple Targets – Static

Immediate action/malfunction drills

Close Quarter Evaluation Exercise / Skill Assessment

Immediate Action/Malfunction Skill Review and Assessment

Strong hand/weak hand transitional exercises.

Mental conditioning and situational awareness (O.O.D.A. loop)

Review of firearms marksmanship fundamentals.

Firearm retention introduction.

Presentation of the rifle from low ready and ready.

Tactical shooting concepts.

Moving from the line and lateral movement.

Scanning for threats and additional target acquisition.

Engaging targets while advancing, withdrawing and moving laterally.

Engaging targets from static position turns and pivots.

Engaging multiple targets from behind barricades while standing, prone and kneeling.

Course duration: 2 day classes (Total of 16 hours)

Student recommended equipment: Note pad & pen, eye protection, ear protection, baseball type cap, heavy BDU style pants, belt, AR platform rifle and sling, at least 3- 30 round magazines or 5- 10 round magazines.

The firearm must be reliable and  fully functional, have all safety devices, and have no modifications that could harm other students or instructors.  Unsafe firearms will not be allowed on the range. 

It is recommended that a vest or MOLLE device with Mag holders be used, but not required.

Knee pads are recommended, but not required.

No live ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. 

No firearms will be allowed into the classroom, until they have been inspected, chamber flagged, and identified as safe.  All firearms will again be inspected prior to any drills that take place in the classroom.    

Ammunition requirements: 500 rounds (minimum)

Lunches will be provided and for those traveling from out of town, there are bunks available onsite with full bath's and kitchenette at no additional charge.


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