Sheepdog Seminar- Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

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Date(s) - 11/17/2017 - 11/18/2017
5:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Brookside Church




LOCATION: BROOKSIDE CHURCH                   11607 M CIRCLE                   OMAHA, NE – 68137  


TIMES: FRIDAY NIGHT, 7:00 – 9:00 (Optional Movie- "Faith Under Fire")
             SATURDAY, 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (Seminar)


  • Price is $69.00 through September 1 – then increases.
  • Police Officers: bring a guest at NO additional charge (officers: register yourself but do NOT register your guest – we will get their name at the seminar. Thus if you're going to bring 6 officers, only register 3).  

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About Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Ret.)

Lt. Col. Grossman is a director of Sheepdog Seminars Group International. He is also a director of Warrior Science Group, owner of, member of American Board for Certification in Homeland Security and a member of American College of Forensic Examiners. Lt. Col. Grossman is an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier and speaker who is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime.

Col. Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science, and an Army Ranger who has combined his experiences to become the founder of a new field of scientific endeavor, which has been termed “killology.” In this new field Col. Grossman has made revolutionary new contributions to our understanding of killing in war, the psychological costs of war, the root causes of the current “virus” of violent crime that is raging around the world, and the process of healing the victims of violence, in war and peace. He is the author of On Killing, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize; has been translated into Japanese, Korean, and German; is on the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant’s required reading list; and is required reading at the FBI academy and numerous other academies and colleges. Col. Grossman co-authored Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill: A Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence, which has been translated into Norwegian and German, and has received international acclaim. Col. Grossman’s most recent book, On Combat, has also placed on the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant’s Required Reading List and has been translated into Japanese and Korean.

Col. Grossman has been called upon to write the entry on “Aggression and Violence” in the Oxford Companion to American Military History, three entries in the Academic Press Encyclopedia of Violence and numerous entries in scholarly journals, to include the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy.

He has presented papers before the national conventions of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

He has presented to over 100 different colleges and universities worldwide, and has trained educators and law enforcement professionals, in the field of school safety, at the state and regional level, in all 50 states and over a dozen foreign nations.

He helped train mental health professionals after the Jonesboro school massacre, and he was also involved in counseling or court cases in the aftermath of the Paducah, Springfield, Littleton, Virginia Tech, and Nickel Mines Amish school massacres.He has been an expert witness and consultant in state and Federal courts, to include serving on the prosecution team in UNITED STATES vs. TIMOTHY MCVEIGH.

He has testified before U.S. Senate and Congressional committees and numerous state legislatures, and he and his research have been cited in a national address by the President of the United States.

Col. Grossman is an Airborne Ranger infantry officer, and a prior-service sergeant and paratrooper, with a total of over 23 years experience in leading U.S. soldiers worldwide. He retired from the Army in February 1998 and has devoted himself to teaching, writing, speaking, and research. Today he is the director of the Killology Research Group, and in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks he is on the road almost 300 days a year, training elite military and law enforcement organizations as well as civilian seminar attendees worldwide about the reality of armed aggression.

About Police Officer & Minister Jimmy Meeks

Jimmy Meeks is a retired police officer, having served 35 years in law-enforcement. Jimmy has also been a minister for over 42 years. As an officer, he served as a hostage negotiator, field training officer, school resource officer, detective, supervisor, and crime prevention officer. He has accumulated dover 4500 hours of TCOLE training. He has also been a certified crime prevention specialist.

He was pastor of a church in the Ft. Worth area for over 11 years, while also serving as a police officer. Jimmy has a B.A. in Religion from Oklahoma Baptist University and a Certificate of Ministry from Emmaus Road Ministry School. He has conducted over 100 church safety seminars since 2009, at which over a thousand churches have attended. It has been said of his presentation, "…there has never been a stronger call to action…"

Jimmy and his wife of 35 years, Julie, were married at the First Baptist Church of Daingerfield, Texas, the site of the June 22, 1980 massacre that killed 5 – and injured 10.

About Carl Chinn

Speaker Carl Chinn, Author and nationally recognized expert on church violence was a First Responder at the New Life Church shooting in Colorado and was a hostage and negotiator in the Focus on the Family incident.

 In 1996 Carl Chinn was a responder in a standoff with an angry gunman who took hostages at the Focus on the Family ministry. Following the attacker’s trial, Chinn began researching and writing on the subject of criminal and other incidents in North American ministries. In 2005, he and others began to develop an intentional security program for New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO. He was one of the team of responders directly involved with the active shooter on 12/09/2007. He continues to serve New Life security as the threat investigator and liaison between law enforcement and ministry security operations.


Faith Under Fire is a true story of God's presence in the midst of suffering. It is a story of a community’s struggle with betrayal, the shock to their faith, and the death of loved ones after a former schoolteacher opens fire during a church service in the summer of 1980. It is also a tribute to four brave men that raced into the face of gunfire, saving the lives of hundreds of people. Thirty years after that tragic day, survivors share their journey to heal. A pastor, who's small child was killed that day, reveals publicly for the first time his shocking plans to murder the gunman during court proceedings. The anger, rage and guilt he carries for thirty years cost him nearly everything. The assassin's family reveals shocking secrets that pushed him to commit this terrible act. Ultimately, Faith Under Fire is a story of faith and hope leading a community out of the depths of despair to the path of forgiveness and restoration and ultimately peace. Winner of numerous awards.

"This story of faith is remarkable." 
The Dove Foundation.

"I have never been so moved by a documentary…The hope and healing it brings to the soul is amazing" – Rebecca

"Thank you for giving the world a film with such a heartfelt reward of healing." – Roxy

"Mrs. Hicks deserves every award available for her masterful production. I highly recommend this to all ages…" – Pansy