Threat Pattern Recognition

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Date(s) - 01/14/2018
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Nebraska Shooters


This course is designed to supplement and enhance existing firearms training courses. The course is not designed to replace existing firearms courses. Neither does this course advocate a specific firearms shooting stance system. The course focuses on biology-based responses subsequent to time, distance, and cover in a firefight.


Course Objectives:

  •  Identify the six (6) assailant draws most often used during a fatal firefight.
  •  Identify the lethal force micro-threat cues associated with each assailant lethal force draw.
  •  Identify the visual pathways needed to enhance threat identification and precision engagement.
  •  Identify the limitations of the visual pathways at six and ten feet.
  •  Identify a simple tactical solution that will enhance an officer's ability to evade, verify the nature of the threat, and engage with precision.
  •  Identify a simple tactical solution designed to enhance an assailant to miss a target.
  •  The course will address the micro-nuances of targeting vectors, the wobble effect, and the challenges of precision using a simple system of economic lasers that can be implemented during training.


Instructor: Brent D. Craft, CCT



Availability: 10-15 Participants


Location: Nebraska Shooters


Date:         (4-Hour Course)


Cost: $100.00 per student



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