Free CCW

Unfortunately, not all concealed carry training is adequately covering the required materials and could potentially lead to the decertification of instructors who are not willing to spend the time to cover the material in its entirety.  This could leave you with a certificate that has questionable merit which could result in a revocation or worse yet, it could leave you in a position of ignorance which could cause you many legal issues if you ever have to use deadly force to protect yourself or your family.

We believe in giving every student the full required course so they can be as prepared as a one-day course can make you.  If you have a current Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit and would like to get a refresher or perhaps fill in some of the blanks from your original course we would like to invite you to attend a Nebraska Shooters course for FREE!

If there are seats available and the course is at the Nebraska Shooters facility, you just need to contact us and reserve a spot in the class to get your free “refresher”.  Upon successful passing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion which could serve as an insurance policy should your current credentials come under scrutiny.

You need to bring proof of current certification and if you enjoy the free homecooked meal you could throw a tip in the jar if so inclined.

If you do wait too long and your instructor’s certificate gets revoked resulting in your permit getting revoked you are welcome to bring us your old certificate and we will give you a $25 discount.  If you can get a refund from your first instructor, you should be ahead of the game.

Thank you and stay safe.