Front Sight

Front Sight is a training facility near Pahrump, Nevada which is about 45 minutes south of Las Vegas.  When I first became a Diamond member I was suspicious because the price was so cheap, but a respected friend assured me that it was a good deal and the training was quality.  I waited about 6 months before I had a chance to go and try out my new membership and during the wait I was hesitant to recommend that people purchase a Diamond membership.  Five other instructors were brave enough to come along and we signed up for the 4-day defensive handgun course.   We started our trip with a couple days at the Shot Show and then drove our rental car to the cottages we rented in Pahrump at the Wineridge Resort for a mere $70 per night.

Day 1
The next morning we left around 5:30 in an attempt to get toward the front of the line.  From 6:30 until 5:00 pm we were taught the Weaver position from the ground up and we all learned a few things.  The instructors ran a tight line and did a great job of identifying issues and helping everyone move to the next level.  I already felt like I had my money’s worth even if we went home after the first day and never came back.

Day 2
On the second morning we were able to sleep in a bit and report directly to the shooting range.  We continued to work on honing our movements to refine the process of drawing from concealment and place two controlled hits on the thoracic cavity of the target.  After about 150 rounds we were all getting smoother and naturally quicker.  The instructors were very meticulous about when we could go fast and when we needed to go slow and smooth.

Day 3
On the third day we were put to the test of time on a regular basis for the controlled pair from concealment as well as performing the type 1,2,&3 malfunction drills and reloads.  We were all seeing the pieces come together from the previous two days quite nicely.  We went through almost 200 rounds and tons of dry practice.  They also gave us a teaser of the shoot house and taught us the basics of entering and passing through a building with potential threats.

Day 4
After a minimal amount of warm up, while we were still fresh, we did our exam.  There were 125 possible points on the shooting portion and we had to get a 70% over all to get our Certified Graduate or a 90% to get Distinguished Graduate.  We were all doing well at the end of the shooting portion and then came the malfunction portion.  We had a set time to clear all types of malfunctions as well as a tactical reload 3 times each and this is where some of us fell from Distinguished Graduate to Certified Graduate.  The warned us that only 1-3% ever make it to DG status so we knew it was a long shot.  In the end only one of our group obtained the DG certification.  Next trip will be a lot different after a year to practice.

I guarantee anyone who enjoys shooting will appreciate what they get from Front Sight.  The price listed on their website for the Diamond Membership is $15,ooo and now I can see how someone who uses it regularly would be able to justify the investment.  I upgraded my package so I can transfer memberships to my acquaintances, but I cannot advertise to the public since I didn’t pay an extra $25,000 to become an Ambassador member.  If anyone would like to become a Diamond member, you can simply go to and create an account by going to the left column and clicking Course Application. Once you have a username you can just email it to us and make your payment with the Secure Payment Center on the right side of the page and submit a payment of $350.  I will transfer the membership over to your account right away.

I’m still not sure how they make this work where we can go to any class any time we want for the rest of our lives, but I am betting they are playing the odds that people will only come once on never.  They do have some good mark-up on the pro-shop items and the ammo.  They also deliver lunch for $14 if you don’t want to pack your own.  We donated a little at the Pro Shop and we bought most of our ammo there so they did make a little extra off of us.

They will also hit you hard with emails and phone calls until you tell them to stop.  They are pretty respectful of the unsubscribe option.  I haven’t had an email or phone call in several weeks.

We are planning to go at least once every year so if you’d like to coordinate your trip with ours we’d be glad to keep you posted.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at