Signing up yourself with a new account
This should be pretty straight forward.  Just click on the class you want in the schedule or in the category list and fill out the form.  If you’d like to put it on plastic, just select the Credit Card option and it will ask for your information.  The card info is then sent to eProcessing and is not stored on our server anywhere.  If you plan to make other arrangements select “Offline Payment” and once the special arrangements have been made we will approve your registration.

Signing up yourself as a return student
Once you log in, the blanks in the registration form should fill out automatically.  If there is incorrect information in the blanks, please let us know and we will update your account.

Signing up a someone else
At this point the system uses your email address as your unique identifier so if at all possible we will need a unique email address for each person registering for a class until we get this ironed out.  Using a credit card other than one belonging to the person registering for class could cause a rejection so it may be easier to use the “Pay Offline” option and then follow up with the payment center on the right side of the page to perform a separate transaction.

Signing up a group
Each person in the group will need to have a registration filled out, but if they all select “Pay Offline” and then one payment is made with the payment center on the right side of the page, your registrations will be approved manually when payment is received.  Please note int he comments who will be sending the payment to help us keep track.

Paying for your Front Sight Diamond membership
You can just use the “Payment Center” on the right side of the page after you go the Front Sight website and create a user ID.  Don’t forget to email us your USER ID so we can transfer the account to you properly.