The Humbler

We have recently been introduced to a great drill that truly tests multiple facets of your marksmanship skills and provides enough opportunities to test your skills that it is appropriately nicknamed "The Humbler."  This is a 60 round course of fire which is laid out on a bell curve  increasing in difficulty and the easing you back to an easier level by the end.Humbler- Massad Ayoob

The Humbler target is simply an NRA B8 target centered on an IDPA target. The outer black ring of the B8 target is 5 1/2" in diameter in the center of an 11"X11" sheet.  The scoring is based on a perfect score of 300 with a one point deduction for shots outside of the black rings, three points for shots off the 11" x 11" paper and five points for shots missing the IDPA target.  There is also a five point deduction for shots after the allotted time. 

All shots for the Humbler drill are taken from 20 yards.  The good news is that a perfect bullseye shot will still be in the center, but any errors from 15 yards will be greatly amplified at this distance so it is a great way to see a snapshot of your shooting form at the beginning and end of a training session or just to use as a template for a little group therapy.


The NRA B8 targets can be ordered many places, but here' a link to an Amazon source.   We also have a PDF you can print if you don't mind a smaller one point penalty zone which you can print on an 8 1/2" by 11" paper.  The PDF can be downloaded here.

We have been ordering our IDPA targets from Action Targets, but the can be purchased for nearly any target seller.  We have also trace an IDPA target and draw in the center zones sometimes for practice, but if you want to claim an official score, you will need to use original target components.

So settle in at 20 yards and let the fun begin!

1. 10 rounds slow fire, 2 hands no time
2. 5 rounds from draw, 2 hands, 20 seconds (TWICE)
3. 5 rounds from draw 2 hands 10 seconds (TWICE)
4. 5 rounds slow fire strong hand only (no time) 
5. 5 rounds strong hand only,  from draw, 20 seconds
6. 5 rounds strong hand only, from draw, 10 seconds
7. 5 rounds slow fire, weak hand only (no time)
8. 5 rounds kneeling, both hands (no time)
9. 5 rounds, standing to kneeling from draw, 20 seconds
10 (optional). 5 rounds prone in 5 minutes
11 (Optional). 5 rounds in 20 seconds standing to prone with the draw
If optional stages are added use 350 for your base score

Another variant of the scoring would be to simply use the scoring rings on the B8 target.  A perfect score is 700 points when all stages are used so hopefully you can get something over 600 if you plan to hit your target 90% of the time.

You can always practice this from closer distances until your scores get around 90% and then move back.  We typically start a new group of shooters at 10-15 yards to get the basics figured out.