ISSF 300m Rifle 3 Position

Postal Match

Version 1-18

What: Selection match for membership on the Nebraska 300m Rifle Team. Monthly match will start October 2017. Shoot on your own range anytime in the month and enter by text with your score.  This program is directed toward adult participation.

Rules:ISSF, (ISSFRuleBook2017-ENG) modify as needed in order to facilitate shooting to eliminate obstacles and delays in starting the program, telescopic sights can be used and maybe the easiest way to get started but iron sights are intended. Enter as often as possible once a month or every week if you’d like. Best score of the month will count.

Score: Score your own targets. Submit scores as often as desired.

Course of fire: Fire in order of kneeling, prone then standing. Fire the same number of rounds in each position. For example fire 5 rounds each position. Designate that course as 3×5 which means 3 position 5 rounds each position.

Equipment: Maximum participation needed. No need to get hung up on the equipment. Keep it simple. Use any center fire ISSF A-33 Target 300m reduced to 100ydrifle and the appropriate target. Telescopic sights maybe used. Improvements will tighten up over time.

Target options: 300m C-1, 300m reduced to 200 yards C-2, 300m reduced to 100 yards A 33. If targets are needed contact Dave.

Awards: None. Intent is to list participants on the spread sheet with scores. Your continued participation will earn membership on the Nebraska 300m Rifle Team.

ISSF: International Shooting Sport Federation, This event is not associated with the ISSF.

Report format: Name/2 letter abbreviation for US or Canadian state, province or territory, 3 letter abbreviation for country code those outside US or Canada /Discipline 3×5 or P=Prone/ Type F= Free Rifle or S=Standard Rifle/total kneeling score/ total prone score/ total standing score/ total score

Example:  John Doe/MN/3×5/S/40/40/40/120

Example:  Joe Smith/GBR/P/F/40/40/40/120

Entry fees: None

Send scores to Dave via text at 402-658-6247 or email to

Scores will be posted at