Nebraska Statutes / Laws

Nebraska StatutesNebraska Shooters offers several courses that cover many facets of the laws pertaining to owning and using a firearm, but we are in no way authorized to offer legal advice.  For proper legal advice please seek the services of a licensed attorney.

With that in mind, we would be glad to help guide your through the maze of legal jargon and archives by offering a quick reference to the laws that affect you and a link to the source so you can easily research what you may want to know.


Below you will see a link and brief description for many of the Nebraska Statutes that affect you and a gun owner.


Bill Description Introduced By
LB 30 Protects firearm owner information McCoy
LB 60 Revokes employers right to prohibit firearms in personal vehicles Kitner
LB 184 Changes prohibited places Ebke
LB 190 Adds military spouses to qualified persons Bloomfield
LB 289 Further restricts cities from preempting state laws Ebke
LB 612 Changed justified use of deadly force also adds your vehicle to the list of places that you would NOT be required to Retreat from when confronted by an attacker Kitner


 Current Nebraska Statutes:

Statute Description Additional Info
14-102 Additional Powers Additional powers granted to cities
 15-255  Public Safety; measures to protect
 15-256  Public Safety; disturbing the peace; power to punish
 16-227  Riots;disorderly conduct; use of explosives; weapons; vagabonds; lights; bonfires; regulations
 17-556  Public Safety; firearms; explosives; riots; regulation
 28-308  Assault in the first degree; penalty
 28-309  Assault in the second degree; penalty
 28-310  Assault in the third degree; penalty
 28-311.01  Terroristic threat; penalty
 28-1201  Terms, defined
 28-1202  Carry concealed weapon; penalty; affirmative defense
 28-1203  Transportation or possession of machine guns, short rifles, or short shotguns; penalty; exception
 28-1204  Unlawful Possession of a handgun; exceptions; penalty
 28-1204.01  Unlawful transfer of a firearm to a juvenile; exceptions; penalty; county attorney; duty
 28-1204.02  Confiscation of firearm; disposition
 28-1204.03  Firearms and violence; legislative findings
 28-1204.04  Unlawful possession of a firearm at a school
 28-1205  Use of deadly weapon to commit a felony; possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony
 28-1206  Possession of a deadly weapon by a prohibited person
 28-1207  Possession of a defaced firearm
 28-1208  Defacing a firearm
 28-1209  Failure to register tranquilizer guns
 28-1210  Failure to notify sheriff of tranquilizer guns