We have learned over the years that our greatest marketing tool is word of mouth so we are going to concentrate on making it worth your time to spread the good work and encourage your friends to come to class with us.

If you bring a friend to class you can simply enter the coupon code BringAFriend or buddy in the coupon code box and receive a $10 discount for each of you. Please identify your friend in the comment section.

If you can get 3 or more in a group you can use the group code and get $15 off for each member of the group.  Please identify the other members in the comment section.

The Group and Buddy discounts are not valid at the Bigshots classes or the Ogallala classes.

We still offer the Military discount of $20, and the free refresher for those who have a valid CCW and just want a refresher course.

All discount are only available for those who pay for their classes online prior to coming to a student course thus they can only be used for classes that have an option for online registration.  Simply go to the Sign Up Here tab at the top and find your class and sign up.  If you prefer to pay with a check rather than online then get the check sent as soon as possible so we receive it before the day of class.  (Note: discounts do not apply for instructor courses.)