I really enjoyed the course this weekend and look forward to taking another!  You guys did a great job, and you can tell when people enjoy what they are doing.  It makes for a good time!…

-Dave (NRA Pistol Instructor graduate 2014)


It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday and I really enjoyed the class.  I told my wife when I got home that everyone who owns a pistol, regardless if they are going for the Concealed Carry, should attend your class.  You do an excellent job of presenting and make the class very interesting.  Keep up the good work!

-Dave H. (Concealed Carry student 2014)


Great day of training, I completed the NRA Defensive Pistol course out at Nebraska Shooters, as always Justin Grusing and his cadre did an outstanding job of putting a course together! Was a long hot day but very well worth it!

-Aaron M. (Defensive Pistol Student 2015)

Just took the Carry and Conceal certification class for Nebraska and Utah, What an amazing training facility, top notch! I had a few things I was struggling with during the shooting range test and the staff quickly identified where my struggle was, they helped me make adjustments and had me hitting my targets with no problems.. Thank you for taking the extra time to work with me and going above and beyond what the class was intended for. Can't wait to take the handgun courses.

-Glenn S. (Concealed Carry Student 2015)

We took the Nebraska CCW and non-resident CCW with Justin this past Saturday. It was an all day course, and so informational. I, who has never been around guns really, especially not hundguns, learned so much, and my husband who grew up around guns said he learned some stuff too. It was an amazing class with an amazing team of instructors who were able to pay attention to each students need during the shooting qualify, and make sure we were able to pass. They were so caring and typical small town Nebraska nice people, Justin even lent me his belt because I forgot to wear one. You can tell these people are passionate about what they do, and I never got bored in the classroom, it was fun and exciting. I will definitely be recommending this group to friends interested in a CCW.

-Deanna W. (Concealed Carry Student 2016)

Have taken two courses there and they're the most helpful firearms trainers around. Affordable. Provide great food and lots of personal instruction & attention. Will definitely train there again.

Mark M. (Multiple Instructor Cloures)


…your manner of presentation certainly is effective to keep the students' attention and makes learning easy.

-Imperial Concealed Carry Student 2014